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Dear members of the William Davidson Foundation Board,


At the Davidson Institute of Science Education, we believe that science literacy is a vital instrument in life’s toolbox—one that gives people from all walks of life the ability to make informed decisions, overcome everyday challenges, and ultimately, build a better world.


With the recent coronavirus crisis, the need for a science-literate society has never been more evident, as people all over the globe struggle to navigate the endless sea of scientific information—both true and false—that is being disseminated about the COVID-19 virus. Thanks to the unwavering support of the William Davidson Foundation, the Davidson Institute has been able to give people in Israel and around the world the tools to understand the complex world of science through fun and innovative programs, activities, and courses. The Davidson Institute gives its participants a solid science foundation—teaching them to think critically, understand cause and effect, and learn how to distinguish fact from fiction.


​Our staff works hard to keep up with the ever-changing face of education. Just this past year, with the new social distancing regulations, and with schools searching for alternative ways to teach their curriculum, the need for virtual classrooms and programs has risen exponentially. Because of the William Davidson Foundation’s generous three-year donation to the iScience initiative, the Davidson Institute has been able to build an impressive online presence and has quickly become a leader in the digital education arena. In recent months, educators and organizations all over the world have reached out to the Institute for help and inspiration—a reality that would not have been possible without the William Davidson Foundation’s vision and generosity.

We cannot express enough our gratitude for your loyalty and friendship throughout the years, as we continue to strive to provide the future generations with the knowledge needed to create a better world.



Dr. Liat Ben David, CEO
Davidson Institute of Science Education

Prof. Daniel Zajfman, Chairman
Davidson Institute of Science Education

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